Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ok, it's official. We'll be having our AMP Track Day! (Providing we have enough members that pay up!) We need at least 50 drivers between the three clubs to make this happen. ATL Bimmers will participate as well as M Atlanta, so we'll have some help reaching our $10k goal. I know, it's a little high but this is a awesome track that is designed by one of the best formula one architects, Hermann Tilke! This event is exclusive to A-Town M Club, ATL Bimmers and M Atlanta. The cost also covers, instructors, insurance (for the track, not your cars) and medics. Don't be mistaken that this is an ordinary track, this is a country club for the elite. Come join us on a fun filled day! We are charging $195 per driver for an all day event! To make your payment, sign in to paypal and "Gift" your money to atownmclub@aol.com. All money must be submitted by October 1st. The actual event is from 9AM until 5PM on Monday October 29.


  1. This will be happening October 29th at AMP with $195 due by October 1st.

  2. 9-5 on a monday? I wish I didn't have class from 11-4:30 :(